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How to Speak on Stage & Webinar in a way that Connects With your Audience and Converts Them into Clients (without feeling pushy or in-authentic)

In this FREE advanced online series you’re going to discover: 

  • The secret to structuring your 'Signature Talk' so it both entertains your audience and converts them into clients…Finally giving you the confidence you want on stage and webinar.
  • Discover the Infusion Speaking Method™- the new way to provide value while also enrolling new prospects into your programs
  • Why ‘selling at the end’ of your presentation is the worsts way to enrol new clients, and what to do instead 
  • The #1 mistake people make at the start of their speeches and webinars that cost them dearly when it comes to converting clients  
  • You'll leave the training feeling confident, clear and excited to find and speak on more stages - so that you can grow your business and make your contribution in the world  

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Amy Porterfield said "I followed Colin's step-by-step formula and made over $450,000 in selling from stage at one event, and the best part was it felt so good and authentic"

"I ALWAYS go to the best for the coaching and support I need when I speak: Colin Boyd." "The more I SPEAK, the more money I make. Colin is the real deal. He has given me countless prompts, frameworks and story ideas that have paid off so well with my audiences that I am forever grateful." James Wedmore - Creator of Business By Design 

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